Legacy Leadership Will Transform Your Company

September 13, 2018

Legacy Leadership Will Transform Your Company

Every great leader knows the only way to keep growing their company is to create more leaders like you. Right now, your company’s ability for continuous profit growth is dependent on your ability to create more leaders that change the game.

The key to lasting leadership and profit is strong employee engagement, and the key to strong employee engagement is a solid leadership training program.

Think about it this way. A strong leadership development program allows you to become a leader who betters themselves to better their employees. With a leadership development program to guide you, you will become a leader who always strives for improvement and growth. You will become a leader whose status within your company goes from boss to life-changer. You will become a leader who builds a team that is addicted to growth and development. 

It’s time to become unleashed. Its time maximize your leadership potential.

Successful companies can form a strong leadership core, but lasting companies keep that foundation thriving through generations. When the next lineup of leaders can’t uphold the standard, revenue drops off a cliff. The biggest reason why Fortune 500 companies can’t stay on the list is because the next line of leaders couldn’t keep a solid leadership foundation. More companies need to have an established leadership training program in place to keep their values, culture, and profits consistent through the years. 

In a Gallup study of nearly 200 organizations, companies with the highest levels of employee engagement were 22 percent more profitable and 21 percent more productive than those with low levels of engagement. Researches are also finding that today’s most competitive companies are the ones investing in employee engagement. 

When you establish an environment of engagement on all levels of your company, you will directly drive employee engagement. A strong leadership development program encourages growth and communication which takes your company’s employee engagement to the next level, driving overall profits. 

Legacy leadership is vital to growing your company. The most successful companies know that what really matters is their ability to develop leadership in the people they lead. The capacity for your company’s success isn’t just equal to how many leaders you have with this mindset. It’s how many leaders you’ve created who instill these beliefs in others for years to come. When you can do that, your company will have a fully engaged team and an unstoppable growth in profit.

Research shows more than 80 percent of top companies have a strategy in place for improving leadership engagement. High-performing companies believe in the link between leadership and engagement, and it makes all the difference. Engagement starts at the top, supported by a motivated leader, and trickles down through each member of your team. What’s holding you back from taking the dive into leadership training? 

Legacy leadership isn’t about what you do; it’s about what you drive your people to do. If you can establish this idea in your company, you will thrive from the inside out. The question is just what’s stopping you from going forward right now.

You need a program that doesn’t just tell you what to do or why to do it. You need a program that tells you exactly how to do it and pave a pathway to unleashed profits and an unleashed team.

With a game-changing leadership development program pushing you, you have the strength to unleash your leadership potential. You have the power to take any employee, in any situation, and mold them into a profit-driving leader for your company. Imagine what it will look like when you have the tactical tools to foster an engaged culture in your company, so you can secure the legacy of your company’s success. What will that feel like? How will it impact your company for generations to come? 

Time to take the next step and find out.

The Authors: 

Jason Forrest is the CEO at Forrest Performance Group in Fort Worth, Texas. Jason is a leading authority in behavior change and an expert at creating high-performance sales and best-place-to-work cultures through complete training programs. FPG has won five international awards for its behavior change programs in sales, leadership and customer service. Connect with Jason @jforrestspeaker on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.