Beyond Fad and Fashion

April 7, 2016

Beyond Fad and Fashion

Leadership and organizational effectiveness are domains of business that have long been subject to fad and fashion. Savvy professionals keep an eye on what is new, while looking for evidence-based innovation that can really help drive strategy. Then new issue of People + Strategy provides a peak into your future, while explaining how the trends covered within will surely make a difference. 

The world in which we live is rapidly changing, driven by new technology, generational differences, innovation in business design, increased sensitivity to environmental impact, emerging regulatory requirements, and global dynamics, all of which occur in every permutation imaginable. As media attention highlights the latest “big thing,” human resource professionals can expect to be asked on the spot to explain, evaluate, and adapt a wide range of ideas. 

Busy as HR executives are, the best professionals find ways to remain forward thinking. They are: 

  • Curious about trends and developments that can impact people and organizational performance.
  • Consumers of stories and studies, whether from popular media, journals or conferences.
  • Critical thinkers, separating fad and fashion from real insights.
  • Careful translators of what they discover into meaningful messages for their clients and colleagues across the organization.

This issue brings all of this together, leveraging knowledge and experience of experts across our field.  From the recent advances in neuroscience that explain gender differences at work, to learning how interpersonal networks really drive innovation, to the science behind more successful performance management, to how physical settings enhance or constrain workplace engagement, to best practices in measuring the impact of HR initiatives, you can these find ideas and more that can translate into increased effectiveness where you work.

We hope this issue of People + Strategy will help you to be a better advisor to colleagues, clients and stakeholders across the organizations where you work.

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